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Molecular Designs is collaborating with Puritan, a trusted leader in specimen collection, to offer their innovative Opti-Swab Liquid Amies Transport System. This advanced solution from Puritan enables reliable collection and transport of a wide range of viral and bacterial pathogens, making it suitable for various testing applications.

Simplified Collection Process: All-in-one kits streamline specimen collection

Cost Savings & Waste Reduction: Exact quantities per kit reduce waste and costs

Intelligent Tracking & Compliance: Serialized barcodes enhance accuracy and demonstrate compliance

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Transform Your Lab's Efficiency
with Simplicity Panel™

Pre-pipetted PCR assays provided in unique 96 well break-away plates

82% less hands-on-time vs conventional methods

Increasing profitability through streamlined setup

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Simplify Your Specimen Collection with Simplicity™ Dx Collection

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Molecular Designs is excited to introduce our new Simplicity™ Dx Collection, designed to simplify your specimen collection process. Our all-in-one kits include a swab and vial conveniently packed in a single blister pack, and a specimen bag, eliminating the need for manual assembly and separate ordering.

But we didn't stop there - we've also added barcodes to each vial, enabling you to implement barcode tracing throughout your specimen's journey. From collection to analysis, you can now track your specimens at every step:

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Experience the Advantages of Simplicity™ Dx Collection

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Streamlined All-in-One Solution

  • All-in-one kit includes swab, vial, and specimen bag.
  • Eliminates the need for manual assembly and separate ordering
  • Simplifies the collection process and saves valuable time

Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Contains exact quantities needed for one specimen, reducing waste and minimizing clutter
  • Prevents over-ordering and excess inventory, leading to significant cost savings
  • Streamlines your ordering process and simplifies inventory management

Intelligent Inventory Tracking and Management

  • Serialized barcodes enable tracing of specimens from distribution to return
  • Granular data allows for better inventory management and workflow improvements
  • Barcoding minimizes errors and demonstrates commitment to compliance and standards

Simplicity™ Dx Collection offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing your inventory control, reducing errors, and enhancing your lab's overall performance.

Simplicity™ Dx Collection features serialized barcodes on each vial, enabling tracking from distribution to return. This advanced system provides detailed insights into specimen location and status, allowing for optimized inventory control and streamlined processes.

Unique barcodes minimize mistakes, ensure precise identification, and showcase your lab's dedication to surpassing regulatory requirements.

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Transform Your Lab's Efficiency
with Simplicity™ Dx Collection

  • All-in-one kits for streamlined specimen collection
  • Reduce waste and costs with exact quantities per kit
  • Simplify ordering and inventory management
  • Enhance accuracy with serialized barcode tracking
  • Optimize performance and demonstrate compliance
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