Molecular Designs is a primary manufacturer of PCR assays. That means you're able to collaborate directly with the scientists who have designed and manufactured these products. Access to these experts also means that we can help you determine the exact customization options that will maximize your throughput. 

Benefits of Customizing with Molecular Designs



From our initial conversation, you get a dedicated team of experts to determine which customization options maximizes your testing efficiency


Optional pre-plated master mix can increase output, reduce labor, and lowering risk of human error​.


Working directly with the manufacturer means that offer scalable solutions that eliminate supply chain issues

Custom Process


After submitting the form below, you will be introduced to our consulting team at Streamline Scientific.

Together you will conduct an analysis of your current testing needs to better understand your requirements.

From here, you will have access to our team of research and development scientists as well as our field application team.

You will then receive a personalized quote and delivery timeline.

Once your custom order is received, we will begin manufacturing in our brand new, state of the art production facility.

After your order is complete, our consulting partners and scientists will remain available for ongoing support.

Ready to optimize your lab?

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We offer a personal service to ensure that our experts are accessible to support clients during project planning and implementation. Molecular Designs scientists provide technical consultation on custom product design to help you during the planning and manufacturing process. We can help accelerate project development by proving out specifications, providing technical expertise to assist with design decisions and offering advice based on previous manufacturing experience.